Tips for a Safe Trip to Rome

One of the most frequently asked question we’ve been asked to answer is “is Rome safe for tourists?”. Generally speaking the answer is yes! Of course there may be pickpockets, especially in crowded, touristy areas, and occasionally on public transports, so you should always be careful and take good care of your stuff. But Rome is in no way less safe than any other capital in Europe such as Paris or London.

Moreover, with the recent attacks spreading around European cities, police controls have been increased in Rome as well and you will see lots of patrols in key areas also discouraging thefts and pickpockets.

That said, as locals born and raised in Rome we want to advice visitors -especially women traveling alone – on areas that should be avoided. Moreover we will cover some tips based on common sense.

Areas you should avoid at night

The first area you should avoid is Termini area, where Rome central train station is located.
The station in itself is a safe place. There are many undercover policemen monitoring the station every day other than the “Carabinieri”. So if you need to go to the station during the day or afternoon to catch a train for some other amazing destination we are just happy for you!
What we are saying here is: “don’t walk alone around the Station late in the evening or at night”!

Also avoid Piazza Vittorio. Nothing bad has ever happened there, but has locals we have the that “sixth sense” telling us that is not the best area for an evening stroll. Same applies to the walking trail down the Tiber river. Plus there may be rats.

Gypsies and Beggars

You will see beggars in the streets of Rome asking for money. They are not dangerous or harmful in any way. Simply ignore anyone asking you for money. If they come to you directly keep on ignoring them and keep walking, they will leave you alone eventually.

Gypsies tend to target tourists especially on public transports. Always carry your bag, backpack or purse on your chest. Gypsies are not dangerous and you should not be afraid. If they insist asking you for money just say “No!”.

To all men who are reading this post: you have been warned. Don’t keep your wallet of cellphone in the back pockets of your jeans or trousers. They become an easy target even for little kids.

How to behave in pubs, discos, bars and so on

This advice is especially for younger people visiting Rome.

Rules are not very strict in Italy when it comes to alcohol (which is served to people over 16) and young visitors become pretty excited knowing that the barman will serve them whatever they ask for.

Guys, it’s totally normal if you want to have a couple of drinks and enjoy the evening with your friends! However, never leave your drink unattended, especially girls. Boys, watch out for your female friends always. And, please, do not get drunk. You will feel sick in the morning and, most of all, it is not fashionable!

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