The Jewish Synagogue of Rome Facts & History

Erected in 1904 by the architects Armanni and Costa, the Synagogue of Rome rises up and tall in the Roman Jewish Ghetto on the banks of the Tiber, in one of the most picturesque and beautiful areas in the Eternal City. The majestic temple is a place of worship for the Roman Jewish Community replaced five earlier places of worship.

Jewish Synagogue of Rome
Location: Lungotevere de Cenci, Jewish Ghetto Area
Tickets: Reservation Needed. For more visit the Jewish Museum
Accessibility: Accessible

Some Facts about the Jewish Synagogue

The synagogue features a squared base and is topped by huge aluminium-coated pavilion dome with an Assyrian-Babylonian style. It is made by two floors, one underground and the other at the street level. The actual temple stands right there, featuring a central nave and two smaller lateral naves. At the end of the central nave there’s the Major Aron and the Torah.

The underground floor houses the Jewish Museum, with a beautiful collection of 400 silver pieces, 900 textiles, 100 marbles, other than documents and parchments that survived the Inquisition. The second hall presents an interactive table allowing visitor to virtually walk thorough the streets of the ancient Jewish Ghetto.

The Synagogue remains under continual police surveillance, since 1982, when terrorists targeted the building during the Lebanon War.