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Get a full overview and in-depth information about the best museums in Rome!

Rome is undoubtably one of the city with the largest number of museums and an open-air museum itself. Indeed the capital of Italy counts more than 200 museums dedicated to art, history, literature, technology and science.

Travelers coming to Rome will have plenty of options at their disposal ranging from ancient “villas” turned into beautiful art galleries such as the Borghese Gallery, Villa Farnesina or Villa Medici, to museums carved out of ancient monuments such as the Ara Pacis Museum or Castel Sant’Angelo Museums.
Next, there are modern museums dedicated to contemporary art, set in modern urban spaces such as Centrale Montemartini Museum and the Chiostro del Bramante, not to mention the museums born from the collection of artwork by great religious institutions such as the Vatican Museums and the Roman Jewish Museum.

Paintings, statues, ancient remains, contemporary masterpieces! Rome has so much to offer, you just have to make your choice. In this maze of artwork and masterpieces we will be your compass, giving you all the tips you may need about tickets, skip the line tickets, opening hours and best time to visit for each museum in Rome.

We’ve gathered all the most useful information in one place to help you plan your visit!