Villa Doria Pamphili

With its 450 acres (187 hectares), Villa Pamphili is the largest park in Rome.

The park may not be as famous as Villa Borghese among tourists, but we guarantee it is gorgeous and a lovely escape from the city, especially loved by locals and residents!

Located on the Gianicolo, the hill dedicated to god Janus, the beautiful triangular-shaped gardens were built in the 17th century for the Pamphili family.

Today Villa Pamphili is a public park, a peaceful setting to walk around, run or just chill! The villa also hides little gems, such as the old estate and gardens of Villa Vecchia, a little lake with turtles, playgrounds, sculptures and fountains.

Note that the Villa Vecchia, which is the part with the estate “Villa Algradi” or “Casino del Bel Respiro” with the secret gardens, is no longer open to public, but you can still admire its beauty through the fence.

Quick tip for your visit: there are several entrances to Villa Pamphili which you will find on Google Maps. However, as locals we advise visitors not to enter or exit the park from Via Aurelia since there’s no sidewalk, the street is narrow and there are crazy drivers!
Go to “How to Reach” for more information and suggestions!


Attraction Overview

Opening Hours:Summertime 7.00 am - 9.00 pm / Wintertime closes at 8.00 pm
Best Time To Visit: 9.30 am or after 5.00 pm
Tickets: Not Needed
Accessibility: Partially Accessible
Kid-friendly Attraction

How to Visit


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Springtime and Summertime: 9.30 am or after 5.00 pm;
Fall and Wintertime: from 10.30am to 4.30pm;


Summertime: sneakers, sun cream and a hat;
Wintertime: sneakers, umbrella and raincoat


Villa Doria Pamphili is open daily:

October – February: 7.00 am – 6.00 pm
March – September: 7.00 am – 8.00 pm
April – August: 7.00 am – 9.00 pm


Not Needed


Wheelchair Accessibility Service:
Villa Pamphili is accessible.

Call Center:
+39 06 0608

How to Reach


Bus Lines: Closest stop to Via di San Pancrazio Entrance 1 (Bust Stop “Carini / San Pancrazio”)


Bus Lines: Closest stop to Via di San Pancrazio Entrance 2 (Bust Stop “Piazza San Pancrazio”)


Bus Lines: Closest stop to Via Vitellia Entrance 3 – 4 (Bust Stop “Vitellia / Donna Olimpia”)


Bus Lines: Closest stop to Entrance Via Leone XII ( Bust StopS “Bel Respiro” / “Villa Pamphili”)


Via di San Pancrazio, 00152 Rome, Italy
Get directions from Google Maps

Suggested Entrances / Exits : Via Vitellia, Via di Porta S. Pancrazio, Via Leone XIII (Olimpica)
Entrances / Exits to avoid: Via aurelia Antica and Via della Nocetta

Villa Pamphili Entrance 1

Villa Pamphili Entrance 2

Villa Pamphili Entrance 3 (Via Vitellia / Via di Donna Olimpia)

Villa Pamphili Entrance 4 (Via Vitellia)

Villa Doria Pamphili Facts

The oldest part of the park, known as Villa Vecchia (old villa) dates back to 1630. The Pamphili family purchased the property and started enlarging the estate buying and adding several other vineyards.
The Pamphili family resided in the Villa until the 18th century. When Girolamo Pampili died in 1760 he had no male heir and the property was inherited by Prince Giovanni Andrea Doria by the will of Pope Clement XIII. This is the reason why the park is also known as Villa Doria Pamphili.
In 1957 the Italian State started buying part of the Villa. The park was open to the public in 1972.

Villa Pamphili FAQ

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